Mindfulness and self care

Mindfulness for healthy living

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Discover your calmest self through mindfulness

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What is mindfulness?

A state achieved by focusing on awareness of the present moment

*Reduce stress and anxiety 

*Manage physical and emotional pain 

*Live in the present moment 

*Respond rather than react to life 

*Accept yourself and your life

*Increase self awareness

*Be kind to yourself

*Experience more pleasure every day 

*Feel connection to others 

And that's just a few of the benefits!

Welcome to a more serene YOU


Feeling burnt out?

Unsure where to start?

Unsure where to start?

*Overwhelmed by your 'to do' list?

*Do you find yourself rushing from one thing to another without pausing to take a breath?

*Suffering from niggling health conditions such as headaches, insomnia, aches and pains and fatigue?


Unsure where to start?

Unsure where to start?

Unsure where to start?

*Do you know deep down that you need to spend more time looking after yourself?

*Have you tried to meditate but your thoughts went into overload?

*Heard the hype about mindfulness but don't know how it can work for you?

You're in the right place. 


Take a deep breath

Unsure where to start?

Take a deep breath

*Simple steps can help bring the benefits of mindfulness to your life. 

*Mindfulness courses and coaching can assist you in finding an easier, more joyful way to live. 

*A study found that mindfulness was more effective than medication in relieving pain. Read more here.

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