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Daily meditation has become a way of supporting my mental wellbeing without a doubt. I think I’m breathing more deeply consistently in general.  I feel more present, grounded, realistic, calm, positive. The kindness mediations encourage me to be compassionate to myself. I wouldn’t be without it. It’s the sort of course I wish I’d discovered and embraced years ago.”

— Gillian Gabriel

It’s been an incredibly challenging time and Tammy’s course supported me throughout with encouraging me to take daily walks in nature, committing to a regular meditation practice, attending a wonderful meditation/woodland retreat and taking time to slow down, say ‘no’ and show myself compassion. Tammy is wonderfully supportive."

— Victoria Southgate

Understanding mindfulness has allowed me to feel pleasure even more by tuning into my senses and it's ok to take a break and enjoy life pleasures. Meditation is now a daily practice of mine, I really do believe the breath is the root to our inner knowing. It's so powerful because it's our life force! I love practicing breath with movement now.”

— Cristina Anca Flueras

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