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LIFE coaching testimonials

Sam, HR professional

My overall aim was to create a more relaxed lifestyle. Looking back over the months, I've achieved my goal! I know this I could not have achieved without my coaching from Tammy.

Tammy has been highly professional, nothing surprised her, and everything that we talked about came from deep down in me. She took little pieces that we worked on, nothing was out of reach, she made me think that everything was within my reach. My life is more organised, I do what I want to do and we live a healthy and happy life. I have succeeded!

Valerie, healer

I found Tammy to be calm, understanding and very supportive. She provided a supportive structure that enabled me to move from just thinking about a specific area of my life and wanting to make changes but not being proactive about it, to actually focusing and incorporating the changes into my lifestyle so that it didn't feel like a chore but a way of life - which is exactly what I wanted to achieve by undertaking life coaching!

I would definitely recommend life coaching and Tammy as a coach to others who are stuck and need support and motivation with moving forward and living the life they want.

Theresa, antenatal teacher

I was at quite a low point when I started life coaching. I found Tammy to be easy to talk to and trusted her implicitly. I found each session helped me focus my mind on my intentions and proved very successful in making me go out and do positive things on the path to changing my life. 

I've made quite a few changes in my life and attitude to work and have made good progress in finding out exactly what I want to do in my life and career.

I cannot thank Tammy enough for her professional and down to earth attitude which helped me greatly. I now feel completely empowered and focused.

Elizabeth, personal assistant

I've found life coaching very useful as it has enabled me to achieve my goals of becoming more assertive at work and in personal relationships by learning to say ‘no’. In the past I've had hypnotherapy and counselling. I found coaching more useful as it focused on taking action on day-to-day issue I needed help with immediately. 

My personal relationships have improved - they are more balanced and I'm spending more time at home, focusing on the things I want to do (instead of things I feel that I should do)! I now spend less time worrying. I've even signed up to do the Bath half marathon - something I would never have had the confidence to do before.