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Namaste! I'm Tammy

My mission

I'm passionate about empowering people to reduce their pain and suffering through my work as a mindfulness teacher and life coach.

A few facts about me

I'm a mum of two daughters

I'm a Leo 

I'm a health journalist 

I love 5 Rhythms dancing, yin yoga, vegan food and Sophie Kinsella books

I'm an accredited mindfulness teacher with Breathworks, a globally recognised leader in mindfulness and compassion training 

I'm a certified life coach and parent coach 


Our imperfections are our greatest strengths

Mindfulness isn't about being 'perfect' and I am anything but!

In my early 30s I was diagnosed with Hashimotos auto-immune disease, which causes the body's immune system to attack the thyroid. Despite being medicated and my blood tests showing I was in the 'normal' range, I suffered from debilitating chronic fatigue. 

In an effort to deal with my symptoms I became obsessed with researching health and healing. This resulted in me making huge changes to my diet and lifestyle in an attempt to restore my energy levels.

One of the things recommended to help auto-immune disease is reducing stress, but with two young daughters and a job as a feature writer for a large healthcare organisation, this didn't always feel possible!

A new direction

At my lowest point of feeling totally depleted, I booked onto a meditation retreat at a women's centre called Taraloka in Wales.  Little did I know that this week would change the whole direction of my life!

I still remember rocking up at that centre, totally exhausted after a five-hour train journey from London. I felt out of place in the rural surroundings with my brightly coloured maxi dress and full face of makeup. I was terrified about the possibility of a week without the distractions of TV, alcohol, social media and constantly checking my phone. I knew I would have to go inside myself and was scared what I find there. 

That week I dropped into a new way of being, learnt to meditate, felt the kindness of those around me and for the first time in years I felt safe and calm. 

Unfortunately I couldn't stay permanently in the idyllic surroundings of the retreat centre and after a week I was back to London and my stressful job. It was obvious that if I was to maintain the peace of mind I'd gained, I would need to keep meditating.

I started regularly attending the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green. Although I love the wisdom and dharma (teachings of the Buddha)  I never identified myself as a 'Buddhist' as I also draw on so many other traditions in my spirituality. However regular meditation gave me the tools to help cope with the challenges of life and experience more awareness every day. 

Wellness journey 

Eventually I came across the Mindfulness for Health eight-week course, which is aimed at people with chronic illness and health conditions. This taught me specific skills for dealing with my pain and fatigue. After using these tools to manage my own symptoms, I decided to train to be a teacher and synchronistically found myself back at Taraloka - this time doing my mindfulness teacher training

I'm learning all the time and am amazed at the benefits mindfulness brings to my life every day. Mindfulness is very much a journey not a destination - one that encourages us to fully experience our lives more fully in the moment. 

For me it is key to discovering the meaning of my life and who I really am. I would love to help guide you in finding out more about how this practice can benefit you too. 

Click the link here to find out more about how you can work with me as your life coach or mindfulness teacher. 

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