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Book your reading from the beautiful 'Yogic Path' oracle deck for just £11.11. You will receive your reading by email. 

Feeling in need of divine inspiration?

'A Yogic Path' oracle card reading

If you're feeling in need of guidance or inspiration then I recommend a three card reading from the stunning  'A Yogic Path' deck by Sahara Rose.  I will pull cards for you while concentrating on your name and/or situation. I will then email you a photo of the card picked for you, the description from the book and a couple of sentences of my own intuitive guidance. 

Steeped in the wisdom of the Vedas, this ancient yet visionary deck is a tool to access your yogic intuition. Illuminated by ethereal artwork, the cards provide insight into the present and guidance for the future, connecting you to your inner wisdom and unlocking a deeper understanding of self. 

I am absolutely loving this card deck and the readings for me have been spot on! 

I can also draw cards from the following decks:

  • Starseed
  • Work Your Light
  • Quantum Oracle
  • Angel cards 

Let me know which deck you would like your cards drawn from in the below form.

To book your reading pay £11.11 by Paypal below, then message me your name and email address. You can add a question or brief description of a circumstance you would like to reading to be about in the message box if you would like to. No long stories please - keep it simple.  I'll send your reading within 48 hours at the latest. 

Disclaimer: Please note that these readings are given in the spirit of fun. No responsibility is taken for the outcome of the reading or for any actions taken as result of them. Use the reading as a tool to access your own intuitive knowing. Cards are fun, but only you know the truth of your life and your path. 


'Oracle card reading

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